hospital jobs and vacancies in Kerala

The world considers hospitals as the guardians of lives with the power to heal. Whatever the job be, employees in hospitals are always respected for the services they provide to the needy anytime without any hesitation. With the growing demand and esteem for hospital jobs in Kerala, the medical departments scrutinize the infinite applications they receive each day for the vacant job posts in the institution. Nibhas HRD Solutions takes pride in providing suitable careers in hospitals in Kerala to the job seekers who register with our online portal. We inspect the hospital jobs and vacancies in Kerala and conduct a detailed analysis of job seekers and connect the best with the best for the most productive results. We (Nibhas HRD Solutions) are specialists in Doctors recruitment.

Apart from doctors and nurses, here are a few other hospital jobs and vacancies in Kerala that offers great opportunities for careers in hospitals. Check out the list and find your dream job:

X-ray Technician

X-ray technicians keep radiology supplies stocked and set x-ray equipment to the proper radiation levels to perform safe x-ray procedures as directed by the doctor. They use diagnostic images of the bones, organs, and tissues of the patients to diagnose illnesses and injuries. These professionals consult with the radiologist about the need for additional diagnostic tests, if required and maintain accurate records of patients and their specific x-ray procedures. 


Another job with tremendous opportunities for careers in hospitals is that of a pharmacist. Accumulating and dispatching prescription and non-prescription medications, in a hospital pharmacy are the core responsibilities of a pharmacist. Pharmacists should be very well aware of the constituents of medicine as they have to provide advice on how to take medications, when to take them, and whether there are any potential side effects. Pharmacists supervise stocking the medicine shelves, keeping an accurate inventory record, and removing expired products. They need to place new orders as needed, collect and inspect shipments, and adhere to legal regulations governing pharmaceutical practice.


Dietitians are experts in the effects of food and drink on the human body. They assist everyone in maintaining their nutritional status. These days people with medical issues often consider nutritional information to improve their health. Foodservice and management, hospitals and patient care, research and teaching, and community nutrition and public health are some of the sectors where dietitians can work. In an era of health-conscious citizens, the demands for dieticians and nutritionists are increasing and hence choosing these careers in hospitals would never go wrong.


There are a few additions to the high demand hospital jobs and vacancies in Kerala, one among them is that of an audiologist. Audiologists test and evaluate the hearing of patients. Understanding, identifying, and treating hearing impairments are all part of the job. They help patients by supervising non-medical rehab and treatment of hearing loss and related communication difficulties. 


Optometrists diagnose vision impairments and submit the reports to ophthalmologists for further treatments. Prescription of eyeglasses, a variety of optical aids, vision therapy, and medicated eye drops are just a few of the accessible treatment options from the former. Apart from hospitals, optometrists can also work in a sales-related function in a retail setting. There are plenty of opportunities for careers in hospitals for optometrists who are meticulous in keeping track of medications and treatments.


Occupational therapists develop treatment programmes to assist injured or disabled patients to perform physiotherapy exercises in order to regain and restore mobility of limbs with a robust physique. Patients may recover enough to travel around in public and hold tasks after learning to bathe, dress, and execute different basic duties all alone. Occupational therapists may suggest special equipment to aid physical rehabilitation in patients. They may also provide caregivers and family members with information on the patient’s special needs.

These are a few of the many careers in hospitals apart from the definite doctor and nurse jobs. So if you are adamant about serving the needy, you have many opportunities with impressive salaries to fulfil your passion for services. You may find your job thru Nibhas HRD Solutions which offers the best doctor jobs in Kerala.

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